Benefits Of Doing Outdoor Sports

Good weather can be a stimulant of sports practice. That is why, with the arrival of the summer period, the increase in hours of natural light, the stability of temperatures, etc., many people take to outdoor fitness equipment singapore. The market adapts to this trend and every time we can find more accessories specifically created for its development and reinforcement. But is it a passing fad without justification or does it really have a positive influence on the health status of those who adopt it as their healthy summer habit?

Benefits of outdoor sports

It favors the oxygenation. In gyms and specialized centers, the air is vitiated by crowds. However, when we go out to the street to do sports (especially if we leave the city behind) the air is purer than in any establishment.

It improves the obtaining of vitamin D, coming from the sun's rays. This nutrient is very beneficial for the health in general and for the maintenance of good humor. But you should always leave with adequate protection against UVA rays.

Reduces anxiety. In the gym, we are surrounded by many people in a closed and reduced space. Therefore, some people feel overwhelmed. In full nature, in addition to breathing fresh air and enjoying the views, a certain sense of freedom is reached.

It helps control blood pressure and, sometimes, favors a greater loss of calories. For example, an air streak can force us to increase the effort and, with it, the extra burning of energy.

It's free. You do not need more than a basic textile kit that, in most cases, we already have at home. In front of the quotas in a gymnasium, to do sport in the open air does not suppose any cost.

What should be taken into account when doing outdoor sports?

Before embarking on sports practice in the open, it is necessary to take into account a series of requirements. With them, we can prevent this healthy routine for summer from becoming a problem.

Avoid the central hours of the day. During the summer period, the hottest hours of the day (those from midday to mid-afternoon) should be avoided for sports practice. The high temperatures and the direct effect of the UVA rays, mixed with physical effort and the increase in body temperature can lead to dehydration, heat stroke, fainting...

Drink plenty of water. The correct hydration, in summer, is a challenge. But, when practicing any sport in the open air, we increase the levels of perspiration and the water loss is greater. Therefore, it is important to increase the water intake to ensure adequate values.

Good nutrition. It does not matter if we want to maintain the effects of bikini operation or maximize the benefits of outdoor fitness equipment singapore in summer; diet is the basis of any routine. Athletes, whether amateurs or professionals, must take care of their nutritional contributions regardless of the time of year, both to get the energy required by training and to prevent future injuries. If a balanced and complete diet is not enough, you should resort to vitamins and nutritional supplements for athletes. Normally, the main deficiencies are related to collagen, hyaluronic acid, magnesium, vitamin C, etc.

And you are you also a lover of outdoor sports? With these tips, you can get the most out during the summer months.

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Installation of a Playground

Safety, quality, fun, are three key factors that must be found in a playground, that is why the process of installing a playground is crucial, but it is precisely during this process that will be established to what extent it is really acceptable to be used by children.

Niberma has the best team of playground contractor singapore, for them the priority is to ensure the satisfaction of each child entering the park and ensure that their stay in them will not represent any risk, since security is something that is They take it very seriously.

Priority aspects in playgrounds.

Safety , users are children and these are very prone to fall and cut, that is why the fundamental factor of any playground contractor singapore is to be safe, for this a series of measures are taken such as the installation of floors against blows, using fences in the perimeter, in addition to the use of materials that are non-toxic and are antistatic.

Quality, continuous use is a factor of wear that is why it is necessary to use materials of the highest quality to guarantee the durability of the park.

Fun, those who go to a park is looking for fun especially if they are children, that is why in the process of installing a playground not only must be guaranteed to be colorful but also must provide the best games and this Niberma also takes it very seriously, for it facilitates attractions such as, Niberma Moto seesaw, seal, flower, elephant, among others, Swing Niberma Biplaza, Toboggan argos, complementary children's games such as the owl, the boat and many other attractions that will make the visit to the park something really unforgettable.

Tips for the care of the parks.

In order for the Niberma parks to always comply with the security that characterizes them, it is essential that care be carried out, such as the following:

Eye inspection every 15 days approximately, this way you can guarantee that each attraction is always in good condition.

Revision of anchors and screws of the different games and the structure of the park in general, this should be done every three months.

Check annually the safety of the floors, pavements, foundations, among other aspects.

Niberma playgrounds, simply the best.

Niberma is one of the largest vendors and playground contractor singapore, and what makes them market leaders is the respect of a number of requirements that make their parks the best, in itself there is no regulation for the installation of playgrounds but if you must follow a series of tips that Niberma undoubtedly respects, among these are the following:

The location of the parks at least 30 meters from traffic.

That the entire perimeter of the park has a strong fence.

With cushioned floors, Niberma uses rubber tiles to make its parks the safest.

Colorful and attractive design, without a doubt the Niberma parks are fun.

Location of toilets near the park and informative posters on the information of the games.

The small details are what make the difference between the installation of a conventional playground and an exceptional one and Niberma will take care of making the difference.

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Training for Muscular Hypertrophy

Hypertrophy is the goal of most Fitness people who work out in gym. But to gain muscle and have a more defined body you need to do the right exercises to achieve that goal. So we've listed some workouts you should do for muscle hypertrophy. Check out!

What is muscle hypertrophy?
Muscle hypertrophy is simply a response of the fitness body to physical exercise stimuli. With the increased tension and effort generated in muscle tissue, there is a growth of muscle mass. The weight is not the only way to provide this hypertrophy, but it is the most efficient alternative.

There are two types of muscle hypertrophy: the tension and the metabolic. Tension hypertrophy occurs when exercise exercises cause injury to muscle cells. During the rest of the body, they recover and increase in diameter with the synthesis of proteins. Metabolic hypertrophy is the result of biochemical stress caused by these cells, which increases energy reserve and, consequently, tissue size. This stress originates in the acceleration of metabolism, which in turn has cause in a higher requirement of the body for the most intense exercises.

What are the best exercises for hypertrophy?
In order to achieve the desired muscle hypertrophy, it is necessary to work intensely on all muscle fitness groups . Both the upper limbs as the arms, chest and abdomen; as in the lower ones such as the thighs, glutes and calves, the ideal is to vary a lot. In addition to alternating the stimulated muscles each day, it is also important to take turns as a stimulus. This is because the muscle "becomes accustomed" to the exercises, and this effect compromises the result. Check out some of the best workouts for hypertrophy:

Stronglift 5 × 5
Developed in the 1960s by Reg Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger's mentor, consists of only 5 exercises divided into workouts A and B. It should be done three times a week and with a minimum interval of one day. In training A, squatting, bench press and curved paddling. In B, squatting, development with bar and ground lifting. The fitness idea is to increase the load with each new workout.

This high intensity workout requires only 45 minutes of workouts twice a week. However, you should do 4 to 8 repetitions with the maximum load you can handle, which will lead to muscle exhaustion. Each week, one should increase potency, increasing load or repetitions.

Developed in laboratories and improved to be usable, in practice, this muscle hypertrophy training should be done every 48 hours, using high loads. They are 1 to 2 sets, but they work all the muscles. The differential is that it provides for the reduction of the load or even breaks of a week so that the body returns to have the same stimulus of before without getting used to the increase of the load.

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How to Have a Healthy Life? The Best Methods. Know More

Living active and Health goes far beyond specifically avoiding illness.

Current studies indicate that several factors influence health:

Family and professional relationships,
The environment in which it is inserted,
Emotional and spiritual conditions.
Break-even point
When there is an imbalance in these factors, people tend to get sick more easily.

Experts say the key to a healthy lifestyle is not just a healthy diet, or just a physical exercise.

Behavioral issues need to be assimilated also in maintaining a healthy life.

The key is to achieve the balance between physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

Expert Opinion for a Healthy Lifestyle
We interviewed the general practitioner and nephrologist, Dr. José Neto, who will bring revealing tips on Healthy Living.
(Living Active and Healthy) What are the main habits to be changed today to achieve a healthier life?

I believe the pillars of a healthy life are: food based on real food, proper hydration, regular physical activity (prioritizing strength exercises), restful sleep and mental health control.

There is no miracle! Specific foods with almost magical appeal and supplementation are not the solution to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Is there a right age to start worrying about a Healthy Lifestyle in the pursuit of longevity?

This concern already begins at conception. Since the intrauterine period, mother's behaviors reflect on fetal health. Increasingly, the first 1000 days of life are valued (conception up to 2 years); that is, healthy lifestyle has no age.

What is Healthy Diet?

The understanding of healthy diet is very much associated with the image of low fat and eating of 3/3 hours. The overvaluation of nutrition with overvaluation of macronutrients must be replaced by a search for real food where there is minimal processing of food.

Low Carb
Low carb strategies have been growing in popularity, being an excellent alternative for treating people with metabolic syndrome. Stratospheric numbers and variable clinical presentation in the form of obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), dyslipidemia (changes in cholesterol and triglycerides), hepatic steatosis (fat in the liver) characterize this pandemic.

Although the reduction in carbohydrates is a great strategy, the foundation remains the real food.

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Get to Know 15 Foods that Can Make Your Organs Healthier

A great way to have 100% natural food is to set up your own vegetable garden. It's a good tip to ensure you stay free of pesticides and other toxic substances.
Hello, active and healthy person!

To live active and perfect Health is to be aligned between being, thinking and acting.

That is, keep in balance and make assertive choices in your day to day.

It's no use thinking about having a healthier life and when I go to the supermarket instead of in natura, I opt for the ultra processed ones.

We need to come into health harmony with our values (what moves us), have a calmer sleep, and slow down our thoughts.

Healthy Eating for our organs
Nature is rich and abundant in foods that can be responsible for the optimal performance of our organs.

Each of these nutrients acts specifically in certain parts of our body.
Some help in the metabolism, others act directly in the liver, or heart, kidneys, skin, hair, eyes, brain, among others.

Therefore, to include small portions daily in our diet, can facilitate and expand the functioning of our organs and promote more health.

In doing so, we will help the organs to delay degeneration and improve their vigor.

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Your Green House: Cleanliness and Consumption without Harming the Environment

A sustainable world begins at home. There are several ways to collaborate with the environment by doing day-to-day cleaning and shopping.

Check out some tips on how to do Green Cleaning and organized while reducing its impacts on nature.

1. Trash Recycling
Of the total amount of garbage produced, only 2% is destined for selective collection and this causes R $ 8 billion in damages to the country every year. In addition to separating the organic waste from the recyclable, you can also use, for example, the collection of used cooking oil. You can store it in pet bottles and then send them to recycling, where it turns, for example, biodiesel.

2. Use water rationally

Green Cleaning: Leave your home clean without harming the environment

Do you have a good habit of doing yard or kitchen cleaning with a bucket and not a hose? Congratulations! But know that you can improve even more. You get the same result as you would with tap water if you use recycled water from the tank or the washing machine.

3. Read packaging
Pay attention when buying your green cleaning products. Many of them contain in their formulations chemical elements extremely harmful to the environment and to their health. Choose, wherever possible, biodegradable products that are easily identifiable by quality seals on the packaging.

4. Buy refills and bulk products
Much of the impact we have on nature comes from the packaging used for what we consume. Why not avoid if we can? Products that have the possibility of refill and bulk withdraw much of the disposable circulation packaging. Because better than recycling the waste, it is neither to produce it.

5. Know home alternatives
Green Cleaning: Leave your home clean without harming the environment

Besides being sustainable for the environment, they are also sustainable for your pocket. And they work perfectly! Lemon juice and water placed to rotate for five minutes in the microwave clean better than chemicals. Already the baking soda placed in tissue bags, is great for removing odor from shoes.

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Greenhouse: Ecological Cleaning Tip

The tip of the day is to use some unusual elements as non-biodegradable Green Cleaning products. The best part is that in addition to cheap - and that you probably already have at home - these products do not harm the environment and work even better than some abrasive products we find in the market.

Surely you use salt to season the food, but did you know that it might have other functions in your kitchen? You can use a small amount of salt to remove fats that get impregnated in the pan, just throw the salt over and remove everything with paper towel. And if you ever knock wine on your clothes or table cloth during a special dinner, you do not have to cut the weather - just put a little salt on top to help pull the liquid out of the fabric fibers.

Another kitchen item that can be very useful is the vinegar, it is great for cleaning windows. Just make a mixture composed of half water and half vinegar, splash on the windows and wipe with a dry cloth.

To return your natural shine to your taps, rub some natural lemon juice over them and let them act overnight. The next morning remove with a damp cloth and then wipe with a dry cloth. Ready! they will look like new. You can also use the lemon to make your clothes more clean, just add ½ cup of lemon juice in the washing machine during the rinse cycle.

5 Super green cleaning tricks to clean without polluting
Use green cleaning products
Today, the market offers a large number of green cleaning products , which will turn your house into a sanctuary for the conservation of Mother Nature. You have no excuse, dear, because  there are many places where you can buy them : both in physical stores and online stores.

What are you missing and do not know where to find them? Don? T worry, be happy, we tell you about it.

If you are looking for a little in our dear and beloved Mr.  Google , you will see that the possibilities are endless. You can find very cheap products, so the price is no excuse!  All of them are composed of natural ingredients and are not harmful to the environment.

Make bicarbonate your best ally
Was baking not used to make cakes? Honey,  bicarbonate is the best in the world. Why do we love it with madness? Well, because it  is a cheap, effective product and, in addition, very eco-friendly.

How do you clean with baking soda? You probably ask, but I'll solve it for you now. Or maybe I wait a little longer to make you suffer and I start talking about my last love failure. It's bromi, I'm not going to give you the pleasure hehe. To clean with baking soda  you just have to mix a few spoonfuls of the product with your favorite essential oil (whatever you want!).

Spread the ointment on the surface you want and tachán! You will see that it is a very powerful mixture to eliminate stains and that, in addition, it disinfects and kills germs. What more can you ask of life?

Clean the windows with newspapers
Surely you have stayed a bit WTF. We understand? This old trick, can help you save many cleaning products when it comes time to clean crystals. You just have to moisten a newspaper with water and pass it through the glass , you'll see how it works!

If your glasses are very, very dirty, it is possible that the trick does not end up being completely effective, so we recommend that  you also put some alcohol and dry it with a clean cloth to get rid of the scratches.

Do you test it and tell us if it worked for you?

Brighten your furniture with ingredients from your kitchen
Yes, the ingredients that we all have in the kitchen can be great allies for cleaning wooden furniture.

Although we usually clean our furniture with abrasive products that contain petroleum products and solvents,  we have an alternative that smells wonderful. It's about rubbing your wooden furniture with a mixture of olive oil and lemon . You will see how they shine again like the jets of gold!

But eh, very important,  first of all try this trick in a corner of the furniture , to ensure that it does not discolor (this will depend on the wood).

Get rid of bad smells with lemon juice
Another key ingredient for an ecological cleanup is lemon. Buy lemons like crazy, because they are very good for your health and to have the house with a delicious smell. Its antiseptic and odorizing functions will help to remove the bad smell  that can appear in the garbage can or in the pipes.

How do you prepare? You just have to  make a great lemon juice and mix it with hot water . Throw it through the pipes or clean it with the garbage can and you will see how the bad smells disappear.

Well, now you have  5 super tips to start cleaning without polluting . Apply them and get a clean and eco-friendly house.  It is very important that we take care of the environment, since the land is our only home and it has to be as clean and healthy as yours!

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When it comes to Green Cleaning, it is not always necessary to use chemicals if you want a good result. The proof is given by the 3 alternatives presented below, which will help you to shine your home while adopting an approach respectful of the environment.

The multiple beneficial effects of lemon

What's more natural than lemon to cure dirt? By using its juice as a liquid, you will be able to get rid of the yellowish stains present in bathtubs or sinks. As for its zest, simply rub it to your glasses to make it lighter, or to your cutlery to eliminate the possible odors of persistent food.

Baking soda against odors

When it comes to combating odors, baking soda is particularly effective. In fact, all you have to do is disperse a little powder in an ashtray, in the dishwasher or in your refrigerator to give a better scent to these places.

In addition, the traces of burning that sometimes reside at the bottom of pots can disappear by boiling a mixture of water and baking soda in the clogged pan.

Vinegar to end the limestone

Nothing like vinegar to descale your kettles or your coffee machines. However, this is not the only use that can be made of it. Thus, by preparing a mixture of 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of oil and 1 teaspoon of salt, you will get a solution to polish a piece of wood furniture. Finally, if you want to restore green cleaning to your glasses, fill them with a mixture of vinegar, water and salt.

Here are 9 simple ecological tips:

For an all-purpose green , mix together a tablespoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of white vinegar, a tablespoon of the essential oils of your choice or lemon and a quart of warm water.

To disinfect and deodorize your pipes once a week, mix and pour white vinegar and dish soap.

To clean your toilet, mix lemon with coarse salt.

For carpet green cleaning, talcum powder to absorb stains and diluted white vinegar to refresh the color.

Make a paste with baking soda and water and lay it in your oven overnight. The next day, simply clean the whole thing with a sponge for a sparkling oven effortlessly.

For window washing, hot water, white vinegar and newsprint.

Dried coffee grounds will absorb refrigerator odors.

You are green, but not interested in its recipes? You will find many green products now available on the shelves of big box merchants.

You are the type to entrust the housekeeping to a company, know that there are several who offer the service of ecological cleaning.

You will get very effective cleaners that will keep your home clean and odor free without harming your health and the environment.

Harmful substances to avoid

If possible, avoid products that contain ammonia, benzene, cresol, phenol, glycol ether, formaldehyde and phosphate.

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Bodybuilding: Care of The Spine

The Fitness for spine is of great importance to the human body. In addition to serving as a sort of central axis, allowing the trunk movements and supporting limbs and head, it protects the spinal cord and nerves. When practicing bodybuilding, you have to take care of your spine to avoid injury and other problems. Some exercises still help in strengthening, improving posture. Know more!

Both professional and amateur athletes are susceptible to spinal problems during exercise. This is because improper practice of activities ends up damaging the body. The weight for working various parts of the body, requires distinct movements. Therefore, the practitioners of this modality should redouble the attention during the execution.

Care of the column: Main causes of problems

There are several spinal problems for fitness that can be triggered by poor posture during bodybuilding. Cifose, scoliosis, lordosis, arthrosis and herniated disc are some of the most common. In addition, those who already have discomforts or pathologies may suffer with the worsening of the lesions. The factors that most contribute to these problems are:


Many people have a habit of increasing their load on their own devices or instruments in bodybuilding exercises. One of the biggest mistakes one can make in a gym, however, is to think that the result turns in proportion to the increase in weights. You have to respect the limits of the body and overloading the spine can cause serious problems. Therefore, weight gain should be gradual and monitored.

Sedentary lifestyle

That is the reason why young people, more and more, experience back pain. The sedentarism contributes to the muscular pains, besides the discomfort caused by the atrophy of the movements of the column. The less you move, the greater the chance that your movements will be impaired. And as you try to resume these movements, the chances of injury increase. Therefore, a sedentary person who begins to practice bodybuilding, for example, needs to redouble his care so as not to damage the spine.


Being overweight causes pressure on the discs that make up the spine, which usually results in disc hernias or other problems. Experts say that every 10 pounds more than the recommended weight for the person, the chances of pain and problems in the spine increase by 20%. Therefore, exercises that require a lot of articulation should be avoided, such as deep squatting and leg press, which will increase the load on these places.


The concern with correct posture is fundamental to the practice of bodybuilding. This is because spine arching, which is very common during the execution of the exercises, can generate tension, deviations, discomforts and even more serious injuries. In the long run, the habit of maintaining an incorrect posture can result in deformities in the bones and joints. Therefore, it is fundamental that there is the accompaniment of a professional during the practice of bodybuilding, for the correct orientation on posture avoid problems.

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Health - Weight Loss

Usually, the aquatic environment guarantees many creative Fitness and highly successful strategies to assist in the loss of people, such as hydro gymnastics, which help people who are overweight or obese with limitations of getting up or having very sensitive joints.

Thus, overweight and obese people usually have functional -limitations that can result in many difficulties for performing conventional physical fitness and having weights.

Therefore, performing water aerobics can help to lose weight, and is highly recommended mainly because of the therapeutic qualities of water, which include weight reduction and body stress.

Learn how to lose weight healthily with water aerobics

The benefits of water aerobics and other aquatic activities are mainly due to the fact that they protect the joints because when doing activities on the ground, such as running or walking, the impact on the joints is enormous.

But when exercises are performed in the water, you do not possess any kind of gravity that is able to force your body weight into your joints.

So, exercising in the water is much milder for the joints, however that does not mean it will be a lighter workout, since working in the water means that your muscles are forced to work harder, which makes you burn more fat and still to rapidly tone the muscles, as you will be fighting against water.

This means that all movement within the water means that you will be fighting against your resistance, which makes you get a more intense workout than a common activity, such as running on solid ground that only burns six calories per minute.

That way, water aerobics slim a lot, making it possible to spend more than 11 calories per minute, which gives you a better workout.

In addition, extra water pressure on the legs further pushes the blood back into the upper half of the body, which causes the heart to work harder.

Who can perform water aerobics?

Usually, water aerobics is recommended for those who are returning to workouts after injury or a long period of inactivity, as it is not harmful to the joints.

In addition, it is still highly recommended for the elderly, mainly because water is able to provide even more movement and flexibility than solo activities.

In the case of pregnant women, or mothers who have back problems, they can also count on the benefits of water-based hydro gymnastics as the back is pressed.

Thus, water aerobics or just hydro, as is well known, is increasingly conquering adepts, especially those who do not like the weariness caused by exercise and very enclosed spaces in the academies.

Therefore, water aerobics is considered as a perfect combination, because in addition to helping to care for the physical of the person, it is still an activity that really slims, in addition to relaxing the mind, providing a sense of well-being, which reduces the emotional stress. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most complete activities.

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