Benefits Of Doing Outdoor Sports

Good weather can be a stimulant of sports practice. That is why, with the arrival of the summer period, the increase in hours of natural light, the stability of temperatures, etc., many people take to outdoor fitness equipment singapore. The market adapts to this trend and every time we can find more accessories specifically created for its development and reinforcement. But is it a passing fad without justification or does it really have a positive influence on the health status of those who adopt it as their healthy summer habit?

Benefits of outdoor sports

It favors the oxygenation. In gyms and specialized centers, the air is vitiated by crowds. However, when we go out to the street to do sports (especially if we leave the city behind) the air is purer than in any establishment.

It improves the obtaining of vitamin D, coming from the sun's rays. This nutrient is very beneficial for the health in general and for the maintenance of good humor. But you should always leave with adequate protection against UVA rays.

Reduces anxiety. In the gym, we are surrounded by many people in a closed and reduced space. Therefore, some people feel overwhelmed. In full nature, in addition to breathing fresh air and enjoying the views, a certain sense of freedom is reached.

It helps control blood pressure and, sometimes, favors a greater loss of calories. For example, an air streak can force us to increase the effort and, with it, the extra burning of energy.

It's free. You do not need more than a basic textile kit that, in most cases, we already have at home. In front of the quotas in a gymnasium, to do sport in the open air does not suppose any cost.

What should be taken into account when doing outdoor sports?

Before embarking on sports practice in the open, it is necessary to take into account a series of requirements. With them, we can prevent this healthy routine for summer from becoming a problem.

Avoid the central hours of the day. During the summer period, the hottest hours of the day (those from midday to mid-afternoon) should be avoided for sports practice. The high temperatures and the direct effect of the UVA rays, mixed with physical effort and the increase in body temperature can lead to dehydration, heat stroke, fainting...

Drink plenty of water. The correct hydration, in summer, is a challenge. But, when practicing any sport in the open air, we increase the levels of perspiration and the water loss is greater. Therefore, it is important to increase the water intake to ensure adequate values.

Good nutrition. It does not matter if we want to maintain the effects of bikini operation or maximize the benefits of outdoor fitness equipment singapore in summer; diet is the basis of any routine. Athletes, whether amateurs or professionals, must take care of their nutritional contributions regardless of the time of year, both to get the energy required by training and to prevent future injuries. If a balanced and complete diet is not enough, you should resort to vitamins and nutritional supplements for athletes. Normally, the main deficiencies are related to collagen, hyaluronic acid, magnesium, vitamin C, etc.

And you are you also a lover of outdoor sports? With these tips, you can get the most out during the summer months.

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Training for Muscular Hypertrophy

Hypertrophy is the goal of most Fitness people who work out in gym. But to gain muscle and have a more defined body you need to do the right exercises to achieve that goal. So we've listed some workouts you should do for muscle hypertrophy. Check out!

What is muscle hypertrophy?
Muscle hypertrophy is simply a response of the fitness body to physical exercise stimuli. With the increased tension and effort generated in muscle tissue, there is a growth of muscle mass. The weight is not the only way to provide this hypertrophy, but it is the most efficient alternative.

There are two types of muscle hypertrophy: the tension and the metabolic. Tension hypertrophy occurs when exercise exercises cause injury to muscle cells. During the rest of the body, they recover and increase in diameter with the synthesis of proteins. Metabolic hypertrophy is the result of biochemical stress caused by these cells, which increases energy reserve and, consequently, tissue size. This stress originates in the acceleration of metabolism, which in turn has cause in a higher requirement of the body for the most intense exercises.

What are the best exercises for hypertrophy?
In order to achieve the desired muscle hypertrophy, it is necessary to work intensely on all muscle fitness groups . Both the upper limbs as the arms, chest and abdomen; as in the lower ones such as the thighs, glutes and calves, the ideal is to vary a lot. In addition to alternating the stimulated muscles each day, it is also important to take turns as a stimulus. This is because the muscle "becomes accustomed" to the exercises, and this effect compromises the result. Check out some of the best workouts for hypertrophy:

Stronglift 5 × 5
Developed in the 1960s by Reg Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger's mentor, consists of only 5 exercises divided into workouts A and B. It should be done three times a week and with a minimum interval of one day. In training A, squatting, bench press and curved paddling. In B, squatting, development with bar and ground lifting. The fitness idea is to increase the load with each new workout.

This high intensity workout requires only 45 minutes of workouts twice a week. However, you should do 4 to 8 repetitions with the maximum load you can handle, which will lead to muscle exhaustion. Each week, one should increase potency, increasing load or repetitions.

Developed in laboratories and improved to be usable, in practice, this muscle hypertrophy training should be done every 48 hours, using high loads. They are 1 to 2 sets, but they work all the muscles. The differential is that it provides for the reduction of the load or even breaks of a week so that the body returns to have the same stimulus of before without getting used to the increase of the load.

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Bodybuilding: Care of The Spine

The Fitness for spine is of great importance to the human body. In addition to serving as a sort of central axis, allowing the trunk movements and supporting limbs and head, it protects the spinal cord and nerves. When practicing bodybuilding, you have to take care of your spine to avoid injury and other problems. Some exercises still help in strengthening, improving posture. Know more!

Both professional and amateur athletes are susceptible to spinal problems during exercise. This is because improper practice of activities ends up damaging the body. The weight for working various parts of the body, requires distinct movements. Therefore, the practitioners of this modality should redouble the attention during the execution.

Care of the column: Main causes of problems

There are several spinal problems for fitness that can be triggered by poor posture during bodybuilding. Cifose, scoliosis, lordosis, arthrosis and herniated disc are some of the most common. In addition, those who already have discomforts or pathologies may suffer with the worsening of the lesions. The factors that most contribute to these problems are:


Many people have a habit of increasing their load on their own devices or instruments in bodybuilding exercises. One of the biggest mistakes one can make in a gym, however, is to think that the result turns in proportion to the increase in weights. You have to respect the limits of the body and overloading the spine can cause serious problems. Therefore, weight gain should be gradual and monitored.

Sedentary lifestyle

That is the reason why young people, more and more, experience back pain. The sedentarism contributes to the muscular pains, besides the discomfort caused by the atrophy of the movements of the column. The less you move, the greater the chance that your movements will be impaired. And as you try to resume these movements, the chances of injury increase. Therefore, a sedentary person who begins to practice bodybuilding, for example, needs to redouble his care so as not to damage the spine.


Being overweight causes pressure on the discs that make up the spine, which usually results in disc hernias or other problems. Experts say that every 10 pounds more than the recommended weight for the person, the chances of pain and problems in the spine increase by 20%. Therefore, exercises that require a lot of articulation should be avoided, such as deep squatting and leg press, which will increase the load on these places.


The concern with correct posture is fundamental to the practice of bodybuilding. This is because spine arching, which is very common during the execution of the exercises, can generate tension, deviations, discomforts and even more serious injuries. In the long run, the habit of maintaining an incorrect posture can result in deformities in the bones and joints. Therefore, it is fundamental that there is the accompaniment of a professional during the practice of bodybuilding, for the correct orientation on posture avoid problems.

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Health - Weight Loss

Usually, the aquatic environment guarantees many creative Fitness and highly successful strategies to assist in the loss of people, such as hydro gymnastics, which help people who are overweight or obese with limitations of getting up or having very sensitive joints.

Thus, overweight and obese people usually have functional -limitations that can result in many difficulties for performing conventional physical fitness and having weights.

Therefore, performing water aerobics can help to lose weight, and is highly recommended mainly because of the therapeutic qualities of water, which include weight reduction and body stress.

Learn how to lose weight healthily with water aerobics

The benefits of water aerobics and other aquatic activities are mainly due to the fact that they protect the joints because when doing activities on the ground, such as running or walking, the impact on the joints is enormous.

But when exercises are performed in the water, you do not possess any kind of gravity that is able to force your body weight into your joints.

So, exercising in the water is much milder for the joints, however that does not mean it will be a lighter workout, since working in the water means that your muscles are forced to work harder, which makes you burn more fat and still to rapidly tone the muscles, as you will be fighting against water.

This means that all movement within the water means that you will be fighting against your resistance, which makes you get a more intense workout than a common activity, such as running on solid ground that only burns six calories per minute.

That way, water aerobics slim a lot, making it possible to spend more than 11 calories per minute, which gives you a better workout.

In addition, extra water pressure on the legs further pushes the blood back into the upper half of the body, which causes the heart to work harder.

Who can perform water aerobics?

Usually, water aerobics is recommended for those who are returning to workouts after injury or a long period of inactivity, as it is not harmful to the joints.

In addition, it is still highly recommended for the elderly, mainly because water is able to provide even more movement and flexibility than solo activities.

In the case of pregnant women, or mothers who have back problems, they can also count on the benefits of water-based hydro gymnastics as the back is pressed.

Thus, water aerobics or just hydro, as is well known, is increasingly conquering adepts, especially those who do not like the weariness caused by exercise and very enclosed spaces in the academies.

Therefore, water aerobics is considered as a perfect combination, because in addition to helping to care for the physical of the person, it is still an activity that really slims, in addition to relaxing the mind, providing a sense of well-being, which reduces the emotional stress. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most complete activities.

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