Green Cleaning

Your Green House: Cleanliness and Consumption without Harming the Environment

A sustainable world begins at home. There are several ways to collaborate with the environment by doing day-to-day cleaning and shopping.

Check out some tips on how to do Green Cleaning and organized while reducing its impacts on nature.

1. Trash Recycling
Of the total amount of garbage produced, only 2% is destined for selective collection and this causes R $ 8 billion in damages to the country every year. In addition to separating the organic waste from the recyclable, you can also use, for example, the collection of used cooking oil. You can store it in pet bottles and then send them to recycling, where it turns, for example, biodiesel.

2. Use water rationally

Green Cleaning: Leave your home clean without harming the environment

Do you have a good habit of doing yard or kitchen cleaning with a bucket and not a hose? Congratulations! But know that you can improve even more. You get the same result as you would with tap water if you use recycled water from the tank or the washing machine.

3. Read packaging
Pay attention when buying your green cleaning products. Many of them contain in their formulations chemical elements extremely harmful to the environment and to their health. Choose, wherever possible, biodegradable products that are easily identifiable by quality seals on the packaging.

4. Buy refills and bulk products
Much of the impact we have on nature comes from the packaging used for what we consume. Why not avoid if we can? Products that have the possibility of refill and bulk withdraw much of the disposable circulation packaging. Because better than recycling the waste, it is neither to produce it.

5. Know home alternatives
Green Cleaning: Leave your home clean without harming the environment

Besides being sustainable for the environment, they are also sustainable for your pocket. And they work perfectly! Lemon juice and water placed to rotate for five minutes in the microwave clean better than chemicals. Already the baking soda placed in tissue bags, is great for removing odor from shoes.

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Greenhouse: Ecological Cleaning Tip

The tip of the day is to use some unusual elements as non-biodegradable Green Cleaning products. The best part is that in addition to cheap - and that you probably already have at home - these products do not harm the environment and work even better than some abrasive products we find in the market.

Surely you use salt to season the food, but did you know that it might have other functions in your kitchen? You can use a small amount of salt to remove fats that get impregnated in the pan, just throw the salt over and remove everything with paper towel. And if you ever knock wine on your clothes or table cloth during a special dinner, you do not have to cut the weather - just put a little salt on top to help pull the liquid out of the fabric fibers.

Another kitchen item that can be very useful is the vinegar, it is great for cleaning windows. Just make a mixture composed of half water and half vinegar, splash on the windows and wipe with a dry cloth.

To return your natural shine to your taps, rub some natural lemon juice over them and let them act overnight. The next morning remove with a damp cloth and then wipe with a dry cloth. Ready! they will look like new. You can also use the lemon to make your clothes more clean, just add ½ cup of lemon juice in the washing machine during the rinse cycle.

5 Super green cleaning tricks to clean without polluting
Use green cleaning products
Today, the market offers a large number of green cleaning products , which will turn your house into a sanctuary for the conservation of Mother Nature. You have no excuse, dear, because  there are many places where you can buy them : both in physical stores and online stores.

What are you missing and do not know where to find them? Don? T worry, be happy, we tell you about it.

If you are looking for a little in our dear and beloved Mr.  Google , you will see that the possibilities are endless. You can find very cheap products, so the price is no excuse!  All of them are composed of natural ingredients and are not harmful to the environment.

Make bicarbonate your best ally
Was baking not used to make cakes? Honey,  bicarbonate is the best in the world. Why do we love it with madness? Well, because it  is a cheap, effective product and, in addition, very eco-friendly.

How do you clean with baking soda? You probably ask, but I'll solve it for you now. Or maybe I wait a little longer to make you suffer and I start talking about my last love failure. It's bromi, I'm not going to give you the pleasure hehe. To clean with baking soda  you just have to mix a few spoonfuls of the product with your favorite essential oil (whatever you want!).

Spread the ointment on the surface you want and tachán! You will see that it is a very powerful mixture to eliminate stains and that, in addition, it disinfects and kills germs. What more can you ask of life?

Clean the windows with newspapers
Surely you have stayed a bit WTF. We understand? This old trick, can help you save many cleaning products when it comes time to clean crystals. You just have to moisten a newspaper with water and pass it through the glass , you'll see how it works!

If your glasses are very, very dirty, it is possible that the trick does not end up being completely effective, so we recommend that  you also put some alcohol and dry it with a clean cloth to get rid of the scratches.

Do you test it and tell us if it worked for you?

Brighten your furniture with ingredients from your kitchen
Yes, the ingredients that we all have in the kitchen can be great allies for cleaning wooden furniture.

Although we usually clean our furniture with abrasive products that contain petroleum products and solvents,  we have an alternative that smells wonderful. It's about rubbing your wooden furniture with a mixture of olive oil and lemon . You will see how they shine again like the jets of gold!

But eh, very important,  first of all try this trick in a corner of the furniture , to ensure that it does not discolor (this will depend on the wood).

Get rid of bad smells with lemon juice
Another key ingredient for an ecological cleanup is lemon. Buy lemons like crazy, because they are very good for your health and to have the house with a delicious smell. Its antiseptic and odorizing functions will help to remove the bad smell  that can appear in the garbage can or in the pipes.

How do you prepare? You just have to  make a great lemon juice and mix it with hot water . Throw it through the pipes or clean it with the garbage can and you will see how the bad smells disappear.

Well, now you have  5 super tips to start cleaning without polluting . Apply them and get a clean and eco-friendly house.  It is very important that we take care of the environment, since the land is our only home and it has to be as clean and healthy as yours!

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When it comes to Green Cleaning, it is not always necessary to use chemicals if you want a good result. The proof is given by the 3 alternatives presented below, which will help you to shine your home while adopting an approach respectful of the environment.

The multiple beneficial effects of lemon

What's more natural than lemon to cure dirt? By using its juice as a liquid, you will be able to get rid of the yellowish stains present in bathtubs or sinks. As for its zest, simply rub it to your glasses to make it lighter, or to your cutlery to eliminate the possible odors of persistent food.

Baking soda against odors

When it comes to combating odors, baking soda is particularly effective. In fact, all you have to do is disperse a little powder in an ashtray, in the dishwasher or in your refrigerator to give a better scent to these places.

In addition, the traces of burning that sometimes reside at the bottom of pots can disappear by boiling a mixture of water and baking soda in the clogged pan.

Vinegar to end the limestone

Nothing like vinegar to descale your kettles or your coffee machines. However, this is not the only use that can be made of it. Thus, by preparing a mixture of 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of oil and 1 teaspoon of salt, you will get a solution to polish a piece of wood furniture. Finally, if you want to restore green cleaning to your glasses, fill them with a mixture of vinegar, water and salt.

Here are 9 simple ecological tips:

For an all-purpose green , mix together a tablespoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of white vinegar, a tablespoon of the essential oils of your choice or lemon and a quart of warm water.

To disinfect and deodorize your pipes once a week, mix and pour white vinegar and dish soap.

To clean your toilet, mix lemon with coarse salt.

For carpet green cleaning, talcum powder to absorb stains and diluted white vinegar to refresh the color.

Make a paste with baking soda and water and lay it in your oven overnight. The next day, simply clean the whole thing with a sponge for a sparkling oven effortlessly.

For window washing, hot water, white vinegar and newsprint.

Dried coffee grounds will absorb refrigerator odors.

You are green, but not interested in its recipes? You will find many green products now available on the shelves of big box merchants.

You are the type to entrust the housekeeping to a company, know that there are several who offer the service of ecological cleaning.

You will get very effective cleaners that will keep your home clean and odor free without harming your health and the environment.

Harmful substances to avoid

If possible, avoid products that contain ammonia, benzene, cresol, phenol, glycol ether, formaldehyde and phosphate.

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