Bodybuilding: Care of The Spine

The Fitness for spine is of great importance to the human body. In addition to serving as a sort of central axis, allowing the trunk movements and supporting limbs and head, it protects the spinal cord and nerves. When practicing bodybuilding, you have to take care of your spine to avoid injury and other problems. Some exercises still help in strengthening, improving posture. Know more!

Both professional and amateur athletes are susceptible to spinal problems during exercise. This is because improper practice of activities ends up damaging the body. The weight for working various parts of the body, requires distinct movements. Therefore, the practitioners of this modality should redouble the attention during the execution.

Care of the column: Main causes of problems

There are several spinal problems for fitness that can be triggered by poor posture during bodybuilding. Cifose, scoliosis, lordosis, arthrosis and herniated disc are some of the most common. In addition, those who already have discomforts or pathologies may suffer with the worsening of the lesions. The factors that most contribute to these problems are:


Many people have a habit of increasing their load on their own devices or instruments in bodybuilding exercises. One of the biggest mistakes one can make in a gym, however, is to think that the result turns in proportion to the increase in weights. You have to respect the limits of the body and overloading the spine can cause serious problems. Therefore, weight gain should be gradual and monitored.

Sedentary lifestyle

That is the reason why young people, more and more, experience back pain. The sedentarism contributes to the muscular pains, besides the discomfort caused by the atrophy of the movements of the column. The less you move, the greater the chance that your movements will be impaired. And as you try to resume these movements, the chances of injury increase. Therefore, a sedentary person who begins to practice bodybuilding, for example, needs to redouble his care so as not to damage the spine.


Being overweight causes pressure on the discs that make up the spine, which usually results in disc hernias or other problems. Experts say that every 10 pounds more than the recommended weight for the person, the chances of pain and problems in the spine increase by 20%. Therefore, exercises that require a lot of articulation should be avoided, such as deep squatting and leg press, which will increase the load on these places.


The concern with correct posture is fundamental to the practice of bodybuilding. This is because spine arching, which is very common during the execution of the exercises, can generate tension, deviations, discomforts and even more serious injuries. In the long run, the habit of maintaining an incorrect posture can result in deformities in the bones and joints. Therefore, it is fundamental that there is the accompaniment of a professional during the practice of bodybuilding, for the correct orientation on posture avoid problems.

Posted on June 22, 2018 at 06:22 PM