Your Green House: Cleanliness and Consumption without Harming the Environment

A sustainable world begins at home. There are several ways to collaborate with the environment by doing day-to-day cleaning and shopping.

Check out some tips on how to do Green Cleaning and organized while reducing its impacts on nature.

1. Trash Recycling
Of the total amount of garbage produced, only 2% is destined for selective collection and this causes R $ 8 billion in damages to the country every year. In addition to separating the organic waste from the recyclable, you can also use, for example, the collection of used cooking oil. You can store it in pet bottles and then send them to recycling, where it turns, for example, biodiesel.

2. Use water rationally

Green Cleaning: Leave your home clean without harming the environment

Do you have a good habit of doing yard or kitchen cleaning with a bucket and not a hose? Congratulations! But know that you can improve even more. You get the same result as you would with tap water if you use recycled water from the tank or the washing machine.

3. Read packaging
Pay attention when buying your green cleaning products. Many of them contain in their formulations chemical elements extremely harmful to the environment and to their health. Choose, wherever possible, biodegradable products that are easily identifiable by quality seals on the packaging.

4. Buy refills and bulk products
Much of the impact we have on nature comes from the packaging used for what we consume. Why not avoid if we can? Products that have the possibility of refill and bulk withdraw much of the disposable circulation packaging. Because better than recycling the waste, it is neither to produce it.

5. Know home alternatives
Green Cleaning: Leave your home clean without harming the environment

Besides being sustainable for the environment, they are also sustainable for your pocket. And they work perfectly! Lemon juice and water placed to rotate for five minutes in the microwave clean better than chemicals. Already the baking soda placed in tissue bags, is great for removing odor from shoes.

Posted on June 25, 2018 at 04:12 PM