Installation of a Playground

Safety, quality, fun, are three key factors that must be found in a playground, that is why the process of installing a playground is crucial, but it is precisely during this process that will be established to what extent it is really acceptable to be used by children.

Niberma has the best team of playground contractor singapore, for them the priority is to ensure the satisfaction of each child entering the park and ensure that their stay in them will not represent any risk, since security is something that is They take it very seriously.

Priority aspects in playgrounds.

Safety , users are children and these are very prone to fall and cut, that is why the fundamental factor of any playground contractor singapore is to be safe, for this a series of measures are taken such as the installation of floors against blows, using fences in the perimeter, in addition to the use of materials that are non-toxic and are antistatic.

Quality, continuous use is a factor of wear that is why it is necessary to use materials of the highest quality to guarantee the durability of the park.

Fun, those who go to a park is looking for fun especially if they are children, that is why in the process of installing a playground not only must be guaranteed to be colorful but also must provide the best games and this Niberma also takes it very seriously, for it facilitates attractions such as, Niberma Moto seesaw, seal, flower, elephant, among others, Swing Niberma Biplaza, Toboggan argos, complementary children's games such as the owl, the boat and many other attractions that will make the visit to the park something really unforgettable.

Tips for the care of the parks.

In order for the Niberma parks to always comply with the security that characterizes them, it is essential that care be carried out, such as the following:

Eye inspection every 15 days approximately, this way you can guarantee that each attraction is always in good condition.

Revision of anchors and screws of the different games and the structure of the park in general, this should be done every three months.

Check annually the safety of the floors, pavements, foundations, among other aspects.

Niberma playgrounds, simply the best.

Niberma is one of the largest vendors and playground contractor singapore, and what makes them market leaders is the respect of a number of requirements that make their parks the best, in itself there is no regulation for the installation of playgrounds but if you must follow a series of tips that Niberma undoubtedly respects, among these are the following:

The location of the parks at least 30 meters from traffic.

That the entire perimeter of the park has a strong fence.

With cushioned floors, Niberma uses rubber tiles to make its parks the safest.

Colorful and attractive design, without a doubt the Niberma parks are fun.

Location of toilets near the park and informative posters on the information of the games.

The small details are what make the difference between the installation of a conventional playground and an exceptional one and Niberma will take care of making the difference.

Posted on October 03, 2018 at 01:22 PM